Hey everyone!

I have created this space to share my thoughts and connect with you beautiful readers. Please reach out and let’s get chatting, I can’t wait to make new friends.

But before we start, I shall tell you a few things about me.

I am originally from Russia and I moved to London on my own at the age of 20. My parents didn’t sponsor my travels and I didn’t know anyone here, I just really wanted to live in the UK. It’s a long story – I tell you about it in a separate post, otherwise we’ll be here a while.

Let me present you with my slightly foreign view of the world to spice things up, give you new perspectives or even ignite ideas. Just to make sure you don’t forget that English is my second language, you might occasionally find mistakes. Don’t worry, I put them there intentionally to keep the authenticity going 🙂

I want you to come on a journey with me getting physically fit, mentally strong, emotionally balanced, spiritually open and everything in between. Expect tested vegan recipes, workout guides, meditation propaganda, travel blogs and life stories. Or even better – have no expectations at all and see what the flow will show.

Have a beautiful day, Marina xx