I go to Leeds a lot but this was not one of those trips. Although only 2,5 hours drive from the city this is a completely different beauty. Lake District! England’s largest National park and the home of the highest peak in the country – Scafell Pike. This was my second time at the Lake District and decision to go was made at the very last minute. Only a couple of days before leaving we booked the cutest pod on AirBnB (with hopes it would be warm and it was) and no plans or expectations. It is quite a journey from London, but I was quite happy getting there late, as long as I could wake up with a view of lakes and fields and have a full Saturday to wander.

The pod we stayed at was, well … tiny! But it was a perfect size for what we wanted – it had a mini living area, a tiny kitchen, full size double bed and a small bathroom. Just enough room to cook a quick brekkie, make sandwiches for the road and get out exploring.

The nearest peak to us was The Old Man of Coniston, which is exactly where we went on Saturday. To both of our surprise the peak was covered in snow and we were very excited to get to it. Winter wonderland all over again. So blessed with very special weather this year!

The mountains are very dramatic. We had to stop every few minutes to take in the view. I couldn’t believe we were in England. Spectacular sights and a very special feeling inside, there is something about mountains that hits home for me. Perhaps because I grew up in the mountains or just because its such an epic place to be.

As soon as we got to the snow walking up became difficult. Both of us didn’t have walking boots. Wellies did a great job though, however we didn’t get to the top. Its got to the point of being so slippery and so close to the edge (and windy…  and did I mention extra slipperiness?) that I ended up on all fours trying to hold on. That was when we turned around. So close to the top but at the same time we didn’t feel annoyed at all as the intention wasn’t to get there, we simply enjoyed the hike. Nevertheless it took us a good 3 hours.

How about a hike that delivers a surprise lake half way up the mountain?

If you have been hiking before please share your favorite places to visit, I’d love to explore more of the UK. Especially if it involves some kind of mountains.

Have a beautiful day, Marina xx


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