Wild garlic covers the forest floor in a thick uniform mat, making picking fast and easy, unless you find an area targeted by pigeons poo! Some slopes can also be too steep to get up to.

Last week I went for a walk in the Yorkshire Dales and the forest floor was covered in Wild Garlic. Luckily I had a bag with me to forage as much as I could fit in it. The plan was to make it into pesto, which is freezable, so I knew I could bring as many leaves home as I wanted and none will be wasted.

I tend to make a big batch of pesto and transfer it into small (no bigger than 200 ml) glass jars (where possible) or plastic containers. The jar should be small enough to hold as much pesto as I can use in one week, because it goes off quickly. Although I make 90% of my meals I cook for one and if you have more mouths to feed use a bigger jar.

You are going to need wild garlic, olive oil, salt and a food processor to make it in.


  1. Soak wild garlic leaves in a sync and fish out all the slugs. Take them outside and put on a grass somewhere.
  2. Get rid of all dry leaves and other nature bits
  3. Now transfer the leaves into a colander and wash with running water. It should be pretty clean now. However, look carefully when you are transferring wild garlic to the food processor jug for twigs or any other bits
  4. Fill half of the jug with leaves, add 50 ml of olive oil and blend it for 20 sec. Once the garlic is chopped, add another handful and blend again for 20 sec. Keep adding more leaves and small splashes of olive oil to get the food processor spinning smoothly. You don’t need much, the leaves are pretty juicy.
  5. When the jug is 2/3 full add a few generous pinches of salt and blend for 2 mins until smooth.
  6. Transfer to the prepared containers, one goes in the fridge and put the rest in the freezer.

Where to use wild garlic pesto?

Add it to omelets, stir fries, roasted veg, risottos, soups and of course have it with pasta. Wild garlic bread sounds yummy too.


Have a beautiful day, Marina xx


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